This Floridian’s Top 20 Walt Disney World Tips

While on Facebook, I often notice that family and friends from up north are looking  for recommendations for their trip to Disney World... I grew up vacationing at Walt Disney World theme parks with my parents and sister. My love of Disney and a summer job at the parks as a “close personal friend of … Continue reading This Floridian’s Top 20 Walt Disney World Tips

My Mom’s Cranberry Relish

I am a food lover, maybe even a foodie, but I am definitely challenged in the kitchen.  Given that my husband is an amazing cook who will often take an entire afternoon to make a gourmet meal on the weekend, this hasn't helped me develop my skills any further. That being said, Thanksgiving is the … Continue reading My Mom’s Cranberry Relish

Girls Weekend : St. Pete Beach

Although we graduated (an undisclosed) number of years ago, my law school girlfriends and I just got back from our very first reunion trip.  Some of us have children, all of us work, and each year seems to get busier than the next, but about half a year ago we all put aside time for … Continue reading Girls Weekend : St. Pete Beach

Halloween Decorating with a Little Monkey

I loved Walt Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride for as long as I can remember, and any excuse to get dressed up is welcome in my book, so it’s only natural that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Although Max was a few weeks old for Halloween last year, this is the first year … Continue reading Halloween Decorating with a Little Monkey